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( Jan. 31st, 2004 12:32 pm)
Although politics is a big part of my life, I don't think of this as a place to proselytize. Still, being in one of the states that's next up in the Democratic primary has been interesting. I'm getting handwritten personal letters from people in Massachusetts, personal visits from people from the state next door. I've done this myself, and it's a little strange to be on the receiving end.

I think a lot of people I know are basing their votes on "electability." I have a different theory. I think the primary is the time to vote with your heart, to let your views be represented to the final candidate. So I'll be going for the socialist elf, who's so low in the polls here that I had to spell his name for the pollster who call the other night. Oh, well.

My husband has meanwhile given up on the major parties but will probably vote Dem in the big election. ABB!!

Apologies to any Republicans who didn't want to hear about this (but chances are you aren't surprised).

In other news, it's really nice to be electrified again, after 4 days without it. Interestingly, my muscles had really tightened up due to all the time spent in a house that was usuallly 40F at warmest(although I spent time in my sauna-like office, and sometimes just drove around with the car heater on full blast). I was really beginning to be in pain in my lower back and right hip until I had an extra long yoga class today. Thank God somebody figured out yoga!

And finally, two new ways to get carpal tunnel (but you'll be happy!):

Fish (With thanks to [ profile] ponygirl2000)
Penguin (With thanks to [ profile] wombatina)

CD player
cordless phone

did I mention light and heat? )

This tiny incovenience makes me realize how spoiled rotten I am, and how much harder life is where this is permanent or happens regularly or lasts a long time. I imagine a woman like me in Baghdad, trying to read by candlelight, her fingers numb. Hope things get better for everyone everywhere, and soon.


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