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( Jul. 11th, 2005 11:44 am)
So glad everyone in London is safe, and also glad that all who went to NY are back home safely and obviously enjoyed their time. Thanks for the wonderful posts and pictures.

This may be my post of the month, as I head up to Chicago (through the first of doubtless many hurricanes that will harass me this year)--although the new computer up there is faster, Bill still gets antsy when the phone lines are tied up for too long, and for me to even glance at my flist takes too long for him!

Summer seems to be here in full force. For most of last week, the ocean was a lovely jade green, clear enough in the shallow water to see your feet even when the waves were breaking at shoulder level. Waves muddied it by Saturday, but the days before were heavenly.

Played many many games last week, too, including bocce ball on a very uneven course (we consider our game to be Ultimate Bocce) and dominoes (I'd never played before, but my nephew's girlfriend brought a pretty white set with bright colored dots and taught us Mexican Train). Also a great little electronic Catchword, and something very similar to Cranium, the name of which I can't remember. With all that around, we never did the traditional midnight Scrabble with me falling asleep in mid-word.

And yesterday, to make the trash life complete, watched the entire first season of The 4400. Seemed a lot better than this season, but maybe that's because I watched it all at once and therefore actually had a clue. Before that, I'd spent most of this season saying "Is that guy a 4400 or not?" "Is Jordan a good guy or a bad guy?" and so on.

Also, last week, I discovered that using the power stroke in kayaking built up the right muscles (pecs and triceps) for yoga push-ups (Chaturanga Dandasana)--before, I'd been mostly pulling in order to work on back muscles, but using a push stroke instead finally got me to the point of being able to to the push-ups. Very exciting--I'd once before gotten to this point but lost it when I cut my toe a couple of years ago. But my ego is controlled by the fact that a backbend (Urdhva Dhanurasana) is still out of reach, and I haven't tried a headstand or armstand in a while. But also found oddly that a one-legged version of side plank (Vasisthasana) with the other leg bent as in Tree Pose is easier for me than the usual form, with one leg on top of the other.

Reading these days: mostly mysteries (Deborah Crombie, Michele Spring, Laura Joh Rowland--but waiting to get my hands on the new Laurie King) but also Umberto Eco (The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana) which so far is wonderful. I still like novels with weird illustrations, and these are wonderful--old comics, matchbooks, etc.

Finally, a very easy salsa made with fresh peaches (will cross-post to [ profile] atpo_cooks):

Peel and chop 2-3 fresh, ripe peaches
Add 1 T (or less, depending on peaches)red wine vinegar and/or lime juice, to taste
Some may want sugar--if peaches are nice and ripe, you won't need it
1/4 tsp ground coriander (also to taste--might want to start with just a pinch)

Serve with grilled pork or salmon

Even if I'm not posting or commenting much--though who knows?--I'll be lurking around and sending good thoughts if nothing else. More sometime!
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( Jan. 31st, 2004 12:32 pm)
Although politics is a big part of my life, I don't think of this as a place to proselytize. Still, being in one of the states that's next up in the Democratic primary has been interesting. I'm getting handwritten personal letters from people in Massachusetts, personal visits from people from the state next door. I've done this myself, and it's a little strange to be on the receiving end.

I think a lot of people I know are basing their votes on "electability." I have a different theory. I think the primary is the time to vote with your heart, to let your views be represented to the final candidate. So I'll be going for the socialist elf, who's so low in the polls here that I had to spell his name for the pollster who call the other night. Oh, well.

My husband has meanwhile given up on the major parties but will probably vote Dem in the big election. ABB!!

Apologies to any Republicans who didn't want to hear about this (but chances are you aren't surprised).

In other news, it's really nice to be electrified again, after 4 days without it. Interestingly, my muscles had really tightened up due to all the time spent in a house that was usuallly 40F at warmest(although I spent time in my sauna-like office, and sometimes just drove around with the car heater on full blast). I was really beginning to be in pain in my lower back and right hip until I had an extra long yoga class today. Thank God somebody figured out yoga!

And finally, two new ways to get carpal tunnel (but you'll be happy!):

Fish (With thanks to [ profile] ponygirl2000)
Penguin (With thanks to [ profile] wombatina)


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