Well, back at last in the land of adequate computer access--aside from Southwest's delay in sending my suitcase with pj's and contact solution, leading to a less than comfortable night, I'm happy to be here. My son's kitties have grown and are following me from room to room--still very playful and jolly, small and sleek. Very different from the floofy and placid Mop, although she follows me around too. She's happy at home with her very own housesitter. No guilt! I believe in open relationships when it comes to cats.

Chicago was great (except that I was too overscheduled to be able to catch up with [livejournal.com profile] oursin (sob!)--there's now a fine farmer's market in Lincoln Park on Wednesdays, with live bluegrass and many moms and babies, to say nothing of much fresh asparagus, as well as morel-flavored cheese! We saw Fiorello!, cleverly staged at a very small theater, and ate deliciously sinful things (coriander flavored vodka and asparagus dumplings, followed by an incredible layered chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce, accompanied by a pot of Yunnan tea) at Russian Tea Time.

I've had a few other entertainments I'll recommend:

12 and Holding )

The Book of Alix Wolfe )

Amazon is certainly convenient, but nothing takes the place of wandering through musty shelves of tattered old paperbacks and spying some intriguing title, trying to read the crumbling yellowed pages in the dim light while an old cat twines its tail around your ankles. Clicking "search" always finds you what you want, but what about the thing you don't know you want until you find it?

ETA: One nice piece of family news--my nephew (JP of The Story Game) has sold a story! Not for much $$ but it sold, to Shimmer Maybe there can be some kind of reverse lateral genetic transfer and I can get some of his talent. But I'm so delighted b/c he really does write well, and works at his writing. And this was his very first sale, so it really encourages him to work even harder. Greatly enjoy days athe beach with him and his lovely C, who writes romances (at 1200 words in a couple of hours!). We get to combine good family/beach time with a little mini writer's retreat, inspiring each other by getting out the old computers for a few hours even when the sun is lovely and the kayaks call, and then nice evening chats about writing.
Back, briefly at least, to my nice happy computer where I can dawdle all day and my lovely fast connection—but soon to leave again, since I’m going to the beach for all of next week. I did get to look in occasionally, but not regularly, so hope I didn’t miss too many important events in the lives of the flist.

Very nice month in Chicago. Many visitors, including babyLydia )

I also went to a very wonderful but incredibly hard yoga workshop )

And I went sailing, for the first time ever! Here’s the Chicago harbor (Belmont) as we return at sunset—just putting the sails down:
sunset from the boat
It was exciting, glorious, scary, exhilarating—the boat heeled over a lot more than I’m used to, and the waves were much bigger than I expected in a lake. But now I want to do much more! The harbor’s close to where we live, and the lessons aren’t too expensive, so I definitely have a plan for next summer.

And we went to an amazing show at the Museum of Science and Industry: “BodyWorlds.” It’s anatomical dissections of real human bodies, that have been plastinated, a technique that replaces the body fluids with plastic. It was fascinating to see the details of muscles, nerves, arteries, bones—but also very beautiful. If you’re not put off by what’s under your skin, you can see some of this at http://www.channel4.com/science/microsites/A/anatomists/gallery1.html

Of course there were other visitors, plays, dinners, visits to the South Shore, etc.—-and we've been trying to be good users of public transportation since it's available, so I spend more time getting everywhere, but that's fun, in good weather at least--so I didn't get much writing done, sad to say. But have gotten some extremely helpful comments on most recent story and am more than ready to plunge into revisions when I’m back here for a while, so everlasting thanks, you wonderful beta readers, esp. Lynne and Angela. Very insightful and helpful comments. Can’t wait to act on them.

So this is a sort of drive-by, but hope to catch up a little in the next couple of days, and hope everyone is well and happy.
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( Jun. 29th, 2004 09:47 pm)
So many events.

End of last week--I was a delegate to the Green Convention. I was anti-Nader, as you may recall from earlier rants. It was more reasonable than the old Left events I recall from years ago, but somehow I thought I was seeing some of the same people. And I was interested in how deeply involved so many of the people there were with Nader. He was not a major figure in any of my own political changes, but I've met and talked with him (he even sent me a book) and do respect him. But I think that now we're engaged not in an election, as we should be, but in a referendum on the war. And we MUST defeat Bush. I understand the arguments that it's a policy, not a person, and that a third party must always stand, but not now.

Then the Pride Parade in Chicago. Such fun! How much joy we get from this--but also the great feeling of community from everyone gathered on the sidewalk to watch/participate.

And then a family funeral--sadly, for a youngish (40's)man who left young children--near St. Louis. Honor H, one of the eulogies referred to your character! But so many shifts in so little time. I'm reeling.


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