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( Jun. 17th, 2006 10:14 am)
Not hard to find ways to have a pleasant time here. And the weather for the last few days has been blessedly warm--I know it seems hot to the people who're here all the time, but to me hot doesn't start until 95F.

There's a wonderful yoga studio near my son's house (Yoga Kula, if you know the area or Anusara) where Sianna Sherman teaches. I couldn't go to her class this week, but did go to a very fine class taught by a young man, Kenny. He brought a harmonium for the opening and closing chants--it was delightful.

A friend of my son T's has a knit shop, so I also indulged there--just for starters, a lace mohair scarf (very open--tiny yarn and size 10 needles). The pattern isn't hard but the yarn is very slippery. I may yet rip out what I've done--too many mistakes. My plan is to do a big and better shawl-type thing, but haven't yet found a pattern, or yarn I can afford for a project that big (love the bamboo yarn, but it's a little heavy for that and costs $26 for 50g!). I also went with T's partner, D, to a knit night, a gathering of some very nice very interesting excellent knitters, the people who teach the classes. It was fun to work with them, but also a joy to see what they were making.

We also went over to Angel Island, off Marin, to a sort of combined camping trip-birthday celebration--a friend of D's was camping all weekend and we went over for the afternoon, bringing lunch. Weirdly, they were having a Civil War re-enactment, involving cannons and passing ships (no real gunfire or cannon balls of course), but the battle had never really taken place. The island is beautiful, and I always love ferry rides, even though that day was a bit cool.

I am getting a little writing done, but still lots, lots more to do.

Also many walks, much good eating, including a sample of some lychee mousse that another friend who's a professional caterer had made. Oh yum.
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( Oct. 23rd, 2005 06:11 pm)
Success! In spite of my technical ineptitude, I can now connect to my ISP with my laptop at home. It took only three calls to tech support and two trips to Staples, but I have installed an ethernet adapter card in my old PC so that I could hook up the router and configure both computers. I'm amazed.

More traditionally but even more satisfying, I've knitted something for the first time in about ten years (you'll be able to tell that it's been a while).

baby sweater and hat )


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