I’ve mentioned parts of this to various people, but wanted to post the whole thing in one place.
My whole visit to Pasadena was full of amazing things, starting with the cold rainy morning in Chicago, the kind of weather I usually see only in January in SC. I sloshed through puddles to the bus and got on the plane wet—and my suitcase still had water on it when I got to Pasadena, where it was sunny and 85F, at least (and had stopover in Tucson Phoenix (duh), where CW was enduring about 98F, but couldn’t wave from the plane!) And Pasadena’s so full of old houses and beautiful gardens—but sadly not my son, who was in Germany (he usually works in Pasadena during the week.) So he had arranged for me to stay with the grandmother of a friend, an incredible 95-year-old living in a wonderful old house, full of arches, sun porches, fireplaces on porches, great old pictures, and a garden with a huge bird-of-paradise plant, as well as much else. Her great grandfather had been a cowboy as well as a mayor in Nebraska, and accompanied Lincoln’s body on the funeral procession (less than 6 degrees from me to Lincoln!)

I’m cutting the rest because many of you may not be interested, but can’t guess who might be, so I’m not posting through a filter.

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Dalai Lama public talk )

The night after the public talk, my step-daughter (who came up from San Diego by train) and I had a nice dinner, and then I tried to take her back to the LA Amtrak station, driving my rented Cadillac (!! I had paid for the smallest economy car—guess nobody wanted the Caddy, so they stuck me with it). She didn’t remember the exit from 101, so we were getting off into various unlikely looking neighborhoods in our ridiculous car, asking for directions…finally I took her downtown and she got a cab.

And we all got home.
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( Oct. 12th, 2005 05:09 pm)
Here are some kitten pictures, at last--though sadly I had to leave them behind in California.

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