I really loved this article about the amazing black tank top on everyone from Starbuck to Trinity to Angelina in various roles, found in the Tor newsletter.   It's not just action heroes who have to convey a complicated message through what they wear--I think many of us do this at various levels of action. And don't think it stops as you get older...or matter whether you are real or fictitious.

What do leggings say? How about bright colors in hair? A denim jacket? Jewelry? Cosmetics? 

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Until fairly recently I've never thought about what my clothing choices say about me; I just dress for comfort, mostly in men's clothes because they fit me better and are of better quality. However, I've been mistaken for a man more than once so I know I'm not communicating "female" very strongly. In my head I'm just a woman who likes to dress comfortably and practically, but other people read more than that into my choices.


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