So many good things lately. Best was a kayak paddle in a swamp near Charleston--a perfect bright clear day, no bugs, no leaves, just dark water and silver trees that rose high and slender but spread at the bottoms, like a whole ballroom full of elegant ladies in trumpet skirts. And my friend's son, a naturalist/historian, knew so many fascinating things about the inland rice culture that had been there, hundreds of years ago, the enslaved people who dug the mud and harvested the rice, the rich Yankees who came down to shoot the birds, the way the  different trees, cypress and tupelo, maple and gum, adapt to rising and falling water.

A walk on the beach next morning with my friends, a huge wide beach full of dogs! They can be off-lead before ten, so everyone takes them then. Now dogs know joy, when they're free to tun on a beach with other dogs! I'd love to have just a minute of that ecstasy.

A demonstration against he-who-must-not-be-named. We were relegated to a Free Speech Zone, a mile and a half away from where he actually got off the plane (this is what democracy looks like!), but we got to shake our signs at him as he flew over, and that was very gratifying, even if he didn't bother to look out the window of his plane.

A good writing session, giving me a little hope that this book could yet gel into something resembling a book. Anyway, a good time digging deeper into characters I'd let get by too easily. 

And now, a new episode of This Is Us.  And then I'm very happy to be able to turn to the last of The Invisible Library, by Genevieve Cogman, which I suspect some of you would like--the first of a series (yay) about a Library that collects books from all dimensions, and the very astute and brave young Librarian who tracks them down, with the assistance of very interesting men, women, and other...beings.

All good.

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