Taking care of yourself:   Several people have mentioned how stressed they are since the election--and I'm sure the people who haven't mentioned it have felt it. There are lots of great ways to lessen stress and get away from that awful sinking feeling, but one of the best is breathing. I don't know if you've tried meditation and thought it didn't work for you, or if you've never tried, or if you have a great practice, but just in case you'd like to try again, this short video (very secular, not connected to any belief system)  is really good. 

I know guys who've survived a lot of months of solitary confinement in prison doing just this, and it's made my own life a lot better, especially now. The great thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere, anytime--no equipment needed, and you can do it for just a few minutes or a long time, as you like.  


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