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([personal profile] mamculuna Feb. 7th, 2017 09:11 am)
 Joy of the day: Actually of the night--a very vivid dream of being on a big touring boat on a river near my house (not navigable in daytime reality), sitting with some various students and someone who was important a long, long time ago. We go past so many old ruined Victorian-era houses on the riverbank, partly vine-covered and surrounded by trees dripping Spanish Moss. Someone brings up a net full of seafood, conveniently ready to eat (shelled and cooked) but weirdly from the ocean (shrimp, squid, etc), and we eat it. Someone starts playing music and I'm dancing with old flame, who disappears, maybe to another deck of the boat, so I'm talking with one of the others, a young boy with some kind of disability---and then flame appears, but is seasick.

I'm sure reading other people's dreams is about as fascinating as watching ice melt, but it's been a long time since I remembered a dream so vividly or understood it so little, and I wanted to write it down while I remembered it. And it was mostly a very joyful dream, even if very strange. IRL, old flame has been living with a man all these years, and I've been twice married. Didn't expect to have memories like that return.
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