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([personal profile] mamculuna Feb. 5th, 2017 12:49 pm)
 Joy of the day: Since I've been posting these at midday, I'll start including the last half of the previous day. My mornings are generally joyful, but always the same joys, so I need some afternoon and evening variety.

And yesterday a friend and I went to a local black history festival with the intention of seeing some African dance that yet another friend was doing.  We had the time wrong and missed her performance (not a joy), but did get to hear some incredible gospel and saw two very darling sets of kids doing dances--the special joy was the little guys in black pants, shirts, and tail coats, accessorized by hipster hats, white gloves, and bow ties with electric lights in them. They could dance! Midway through, they took off the tailcoats to reveal bright gold suspenders. I tried to get pictures, but I was too far away. They were awesome, though.


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