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( May. 5th, 2017 11:23 am)
 I don't love taking Cipro and Flagyl, but it's amazing how fast they work. I woke up yesterday with a flareup of diverticulitis, my only real disease--for me, it's somewhat painful, but the 103 temperature knocks me down to the ground. Blessedly, my gastroenterologist is a friend and was willing to call in the antibiotics so I didn't have to go through ER and catscan like last time. Still, I was pretty much immobile (to the extent of not even being able to go upstairs and get in bed, after getting the meds) until they kicked in, around 6. Today, I'm almost back to normal. 

Ironically, this was going on while the evil bill was being passed. I've used my new-found energy today to call senators and write to others about calling theirs. What if I had this with no access to a doctor? What if I had a job and young children and no way to cure this?


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